You guessed right, drawings of
celebrity animals.

Brought to you by Pat Mccullough & friends

this one is mean.
"Wu-Tang Clams ain’t nothing to shuck with" more awesome art from Monica O. Check out her site, She is the Ghostface Killah of graphic design.
Sylvester “The Cat” Stallone

this is purrrrrfect


robert downey jr’s face was meant to be on cats okay

(Source: averagefuture)

"Joaquin Phoenix" by Eric Brunner. 
Check out more of his stuff at
"Ice-T-Rex" Another awesome piece from Monica O. Check out her site, NOW!!!!!
"Octomom" Friend of the site Monica O made this one. Check out her other less terrifying work at
Bill Cosbee
“I originally gave him five fingers and sneakers, then I realized “I’m drawing a cartoon bee, they wear loafers, duh.”- Bob McCullough
Sean Pennguin
"James Brown Bear and Jack Black Bear"